We have new diagnostics software and hardware for the latest Harlay Davidson models. Now we  are able to diagnose and tune your modern Harley Davidson. We can change the mappings of your ECU after you installed a new exhaust and/or filter for only €295,-

Some functions of the new Diag4bike diagnostic software

Overview of control units that can be diagnosed and functions

  • Ignition Module
  • EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection Module)
    • All models
  • TSSM (Turn Signal Security Module)
    • Key FOB with button
  • HFSM (Hands Free Security Module)
    • Key FOB without button
  • BCM (Board Control Module)
    • Key FOB without button
  • Gauges (Speedo, Tacho and Instrument Module)
    • All models
  • ABS Module (Delphi + CAN models)
    • All models
  • Radio
  • Thunder MAX EFI
    • models with 4-pin Datalink connector
  • Read and Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes
    • All models, updated trouble codes
  • Read Identification data (parts number, VIN number)
    • All models
  • Monitoring real-time data
    • throttle position, temperature, oxygen sensors, turn signals etc.
  • Test actuators
    • injectors, coils, main relay, fuel pump, idle, turn signals, tachometer, lamps etc.
  • Buell diagnostics is incorporated in Harley-Davidson® diagnostics
  • Unit of measure selection metric/american
  • Communication interface is CAN ready
    • models with 6-pin Datalink connector

Motorcycle report

Search for and identify all embedded control units, read fault code memory + generate and print a diagnostic report, odometer reading


Special functions in one place with description of the functions.

  • Module replacement (TSSM, HFSM, BCM)
  • ABS Service (Bleeding and configuration, Delphi + CAN models)
    • All models
  • ACR (Automatic compression release during starting)
  • Cruise Control, Exhaust actuator, EITMS
    • enable/disable
  • Side Stand Switch configuration
    • only models with 4-pin Datalink connector
  • Intake solenoid valve configuration on CAN models
    • only CAN models
    • 6-pin Datalink connector
  • Radio Customization - Speakers
    • ALL models
  • J&M Audio configuration
  • ABS Telltale configuration on CAN models
  • Radio pairing
  • Buell TPS adjustment
  • Speedo pairing (CAN models)
  • Reset AFV
    • all models and Buell®
  • Idle speed adjustment
    • all models with Delphi Electronic Fuel Injection Module
  • TSSM Customization
    • PIN read/change
    • Auto arming (disable/enable)
    • Key FOB assignment instruction
  • HFSM Customization
    • Key FOB (assignment/replacement)
    • PIN (read/change)
    • Auto arming (disable/enable)
    • Sidecar (disable/enable)
    • Service mode (disable/enable)
  • BCM Customization
    • Key FOB (assignment/replacement)
    • PIN (read/change)
    • Auto arming (disable/enable)
    • Sidecar (disable/enable)
    • Service mode (disable/enable)
    • Lights configuration (disable/enable)
    • Keyless ignition (disable/enable)
  • Disarming (HFSM/BCM module)


  • Engine tuning
  • Dyna, Softail and Touring from model year 2006
  • Sportster from model year 2007


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